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Here at Fintastic Aquariums Plus, we've been providing our customers with great aquariums to fit the needs of any budget and any level of enthusiast, from beginner to advance. We're the leading supplier of custom aquatic environments and products in all of Connecticut.


No matter what fish or coral you're looking for, you can find it at Fintastic Aquariums Plus. If we don't have what you're looking for, we can custom order it for you.

No two tanks are the same

Every aquarium has different needs based on how many fish are present, what types of fish you have, saltwater tanks vs. freshwater ones, and many more factors. Get technical advice on how to maintain your aquarium from our trusted team today.

Our attention-to-detail through fabrication, installation, and maintenance will ensure that we meet and exceed your expectation at every step.

Find the right fish and coral

  • Freshwater fish

  • Saltwater fish

  • SPS coral

  • LPS coral

  • Vooanchid coral (available by special order)

  • Saltwater tank decorations

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