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Affordable aquarium supplies

Keeping your aquarium, and the fish and coral inside it, healthy and happy is no easy task. If you're able to take on the maintenance needs yourself, you're going to need a lot of supplies. Fintastic Aquariums Plus has the full line of maintenance products you'll need at prices that won't break your budget.


From keeping your tank clean and healthy to all the decorations you need to make your aquarium truly unique, you can find it all at Fintastic Aquariums Plus.

Our full line of supplies includes

  • Tanks, hoods, and lighting

  • Air, circulation, and submersible pumps

  • Filters and powerheads

  • Maintenance supplies - nets, scrapers, gravel cleaners, testing kits, and thermometers

  • Decorations, backgrounds, and accessories

  • Salt supplies

Fintastic Aquariums Plus, a family owned business, has been providing amazing aquariums and related service to Connecticut since 2005.

Additional services

At Fintastic Aquariums Plus, we also design and install both standard and custom aquariums for residential and commercial customers. We can also provide you with basic and custom maintenance plans that fit your needs and budget concerns.

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